Emgjay J.

I couldn't recommend this place enough!

I couldn't recommend this place enough!! Pam and her staff are so amazing with my daughter and the rest of the kids. Every day there are so many activities for the kids to learn new things and explore. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease seeing the way the kids and her interacted with each other. Knowing as well that every meal is made from fresh ingredients and we get a monthly meal plan to see what our child is eating and trying makes me so happy. My daughter never wants to leave when I come to pick her up which was a great sign I picked the right spot. Love, love love Pam & Kiddy Time!

Jessica P.

I am a first time mom who found Pam

I am a first time mom who found Pam at Kiddie Time by pure luck and I couldn't be more grateful! My son was almost 2 when I got a full time position which started quickly. I had tried another daycare previously and he never stopped wailing when I left him. People said it would take time but after a month I saw it as a sign that it was not the right environment for him. We then tried Kiddie Time, on the recommendation of a friend, and Pam changed everything. Her gentle kindness can be felt by children and parents alike. She is so in tune with each child's needs it is astounding. I instantly felt at ease leaving my son for full days knowing he was in empathetic, wonderful hands. Pam helped usher my sons class through potty training and social relationship issues. She provides a gym class, music class and a zoology day each week. I hear she has started teaching Spanish as well. She continues to study child development and it shows. I am still friends with a few of my sons classmates moms and we are all grateful to have found her! She even came by to visit the kids at their last playdate. Pam will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

Anna V.

Still absolutely love it!

Still absolutely love it! Also, now that I am looking for a preschool for my baby and I have visited various schools that only have children of one tight-knit culture/race/ethnicity, I realize how my child has been surrounded by diversity in this daycare - you can encounter kids of any ethnicity or race there and not one culture is overrepresented. I hope it has taught my son to embrace differences. Too bad they don't have a preschool!